Natural Resources

Utila is set in the Caribbean Sea and is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The island is surrounded by the reef, and it provides food and habitat for a huge variety of marine life.

Inside of the reef are numerous flats, bays, and bights where bonefish, tarpon, permit, triggerfish,  barracuda, jacks, and other shallow water species thrive. Most of the flats are turtle grass, with white sand holes in various spots around the island.

Volcanic rock rings many of the flats in some spots giving anglers the opportunity to cast into the surf for snapper and the occasional grouper.

Outside of the reef the bottom falls away quickly turning from crystal blue to black. Here you might be in 1,000 feet of water less than a couple miles offshore. Wahoo, tuna, mahi, sails and marlin all inhabit the bluewater off Utila. There are also two lagoons to fish. These are stained water mangrove lagoons where snook and tarpon ambush flies cast tightly to the roots. There are numerous creeks and canals in the lagoons, and one canal through the middle of the entire island. These are great fishing and give us a good option to get out in  inclement weather while avoiding rough seas.

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